Welcome.   This studio specializes
in high quality, custom architectural
stained glass windows, room
dividers, and sculpture in glass,
marble, wood or bronze.  

We also do museum quality
The studio is recognized for its
excellent craftsmanship and original
designs. We can  design for any
period between the 13th and 21st

We  have designed for private
residences, religious organizations
and corporate settings across the

The main studio was in Venice,
Florida until recently.  A new studio
is  opening  near Worthington
Springs, just north of  Gainesville,
Florida.  I will continue designing and
building for clients in S.W. Florida,
but will work mainly at the new

Please enjoy the windows and
sculpture throughout the rest
of the site.
Custom entryway commissioned by
Dr. and Mrs. Walpman
"It was nicer before the
developers came."

Vrooman residence
Venice, Florida
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