The studio was founded to create high quality
works of art, which communicate well.

I was originally apprenticed in marble sculpture,
leaded stained glass and dalle-de-verre by Master
Sculptor Enzo Gallo in the early 1970's. My first
studio opened in Gainesville, Florida in 1976, and I
have continued as a designer for religious
organizations, corporate settings and private
residences since that time, mainly in Los Angeles
New York and Florida. In 2001, I fabricated
ecclesiastical leaded windows at J.R. Lupkin
Designs for nationally reknowned designer
Maureen McGuire.

I am grateful to Enzo, Joe, and Maureen for their
help and inspiration.
This studio specializes in leaded stained glass panels  and  does painting and staining of
glass,  as well as sculpture in glass, wood or marble. We design in a wide range of styles
and materials. We  design for you personally.

We can also consult with your architect, designer,
planning committee, or project manager  to produce
artwork that you will be well satisfied with.

I am concerned primarily with doing the job right:
designing for a specific architectural period and
style; ensuring the light and colors are right for the
location the artwork will occupy; and ensuring the
work is structurally correct,  so that the resulting
artwork is the best I can do. We aim to exceed your
expectations favorably.

We do not use expensive advertising to procure
work... over 95% of our work comes from word of
mouth referrals from our clients, allowing our costs
to remain very reasonable. We produce top quality
work for less than many studios.

Museum quality restoration is done by the studio
(please see the "Restoration" page for photos), and
architectural wood or marble carving as time permits.
We welcome inquiries from you, and hope we can
serve you.

Terry Brawley
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