We occasionally offer classes in stained glass, accepting  a maximum of six
students at one time. The class is designed to teach the fundamentals of stained
glass craft so that you are able  to successfully build windows for your home.  

I have designed and built stained glass windows since 1974, and taught
students since 1976 so can help you learn the craft.

You will be taught the basics of designing in glass, measuring windows;
drawing and cutting of patterns; correctly cutting glass; soldering; and glazing.
During the course, you will design and build two windows: a leaded window and
a copper-foiled window.

We teach you correct and workable techniques: you will cut many types of
glass; learn how to get the most efficient use of the glass you purchase, how to
use each of your tools, and to organize production of windows so you do not
waste time. You will learn how to frame your work properly; and the basics of
reinforcing larger windows.

At the end of 6 weeks, you'll know how to make stained glass panels. There is a
lot of material to cover, and you will be taking your materials home to work on
through the week in order to finish both windows on time.

The class goes for 6 weeks, from 7-9 PM.  The cost is $150, and registration is
required at least three weeks in advance with a non-refundable deposit of $65.00.
If less than a  full class signs up and no course is held, your money is refunded

The course does not include materials or tools. These can be purchased from
local stained glass shops (see recommended stores below),  borrowed from
friends, or purchased over the internet.

You can e-mail me at
Brawleytj@Gmail.com, or call  (941) 960-5505 for more
Recommended Links:  
Glass Classes:
Firebug Designs  (in Venice, Florida)    www.firebugdesigns.com
Two  Lasses                                         www.twolassesglassclasses.com    

Kayak lessons, tours or rentals            

Glass Supplies and tools:
Glass Crafters (near I-75 and Fruitville Rd)  www.glasscrafters.com

For internet sales:

Two  Lasses                                                             www.twolasses.com
Glass Crafters (near I-75 and Fruitville Rd)  www.Glasscrafters.com
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