In looking for a studio
which can design your
windows,  ensure the
designer is familiar with
1) art history;
2) knowledgeable in         
various architectural
periods and styles;
3)  experienced in the
use of line and color;
4) adept in design.

Proper use of line, color
and texture can mean
the difference between
windows that are barely
adequate, and ones that
are truly breathtaking.

Generic patterns don't
warrant "custom" prices.

It's well worth your time
to question the design
process, and building of
the glass panels. Well
made windows last for
decades and many have
lasted a centuries.
The designer must know how to design structurally sound windows.  This is vital
with large panels; for your safety and to ensure your windows will last.  Ask
questions, and get very specific answers before having your windows built.  There
is  no reason to have sagging panels or condensation problems if the windows are
well built, properly reinforced, and installed correctly.  Done right, they will give
beauty for many years.

We have seen "artists" who literally placed stained glass randomly in a wall as a
"creative" solution.   Please use a trained designer - someone who knows their
subject well and who can surpass your expectations favorably.  Combining detailed
knowledge of a subject with actual experience usually results in a much better
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