I've designed and built entry  doors and windows in numerous styles
since 1974, to suit a wide variety of clients.

Before designs are started, we consult with you on the colors and
themes you want represented; the amount of privacy required in the
setting; visit the site to take accurate measurements and determine
the light levels; then choose the exact glasses needed to display
each window at its best.
Uhlich residence
Englewood, Fl.

You are welcome to visit the studio at your convenience - we'll answer your questions in full, and
give you lots of information on what to look for in stained glass panels.

Our clients are very pleased with our work, and their referrals are our main source of business.  We
hope to meet with you, your architect or designer, and produce windows that you will enjoy for
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When the designs and glass are approved, we build the windows, and photograph them. Each
panel  is designed specifically for the site, very well made, and structurally reinforced where
needed. We do NOT take shortcuts on our work, but place quality craftsmanship and design as our
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