"Dedication to Lorelie, Marina and

-carved in black cherry
This is a small sampling of the styles and mediums we use at the studio.  We work primarily in marble,
hardwoods, or glass. Other mediums can be used if requested.

I apprenticed  as a direct carver in marble sculpture and as a stained glass artist under Master Sculptor
Enzo Gallo in the early 1970's, setting up my own studio  in 1976. Continuing to work in marble, wood and
glass,  artwork has been done for private residences, hospitals, commercial storefronts, and religious

I usually am commissioned directly by the client or corporation, and then work with the architect or
designer to ensure the artwork communicates clearly to its viewers and relates well with its surroundings.

Sculpture is my first love, and I enjoy the challenge of representing concepts, and having persons come to
new realizations after  seeing artwork from several points of view.  If you have a theme or  concept you
would like to have expressed as a sculpture, I would be glad to work with you.         
"Torso of Corso"

copper-foiled glass
"Cadence" / "How do you take the pulse of a

-carved in black cherry
"Daughter's Dream"

-carved in black
"Spirit versus space and time"

-carved in black walnut
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